The Sign of the Dove Church West

Pastors Mike and Karen Ryczek

Pastor Mike and his wife Karen pastor the Sign of the Dove church in Lake Villa, IL. Together they have three sons: Isaac, Andrew, and Joshua.  They praise God that they are part of Dove Ministries International.

Pastor Ryczek graduated from Evangel University with a B.S. degree in English Education.  In 1992 he began teaching English, as well as youth pastoring from 1992-1999. In 1999 Pastors Mike and Karen became members of the Sign of the Dove Church. They served in the children’s ministry.  Pastor Mike also served as a deacon, before beginning the Sign of the Dove church in the Round Lake area of Illinois in June of 2007. In 2002 he graduated from Aurora University with a Master’s degree in Education Leadership, and has since completed an additional 60 credit hours. He became licensed as a minister with Sign of the Dove ministries in 2002, and in 2004 was ordained by The Sign of the Dove Ministries. Since 2007, Pastor Mike and Karen have been faithfully pastoring the Sign of the Dove Church West.

From Pastors Mike and Karen,

God has truly blessed our family. We thank God for the opportunities He has given us to minister, whether at home or abroad. Our wish is to see everyone born again! Pastoring and discipling believers is what we feel God has called us to do. (Souls saved/Disciples made)

From Pastor Mike

Greetings from the Sign of the Dove Church West.  My name is Pastor Mike Ryczek and I praise God for allowing me this opportunity to come and share what He has placed in my heart. I was born again as a child. I remember kneeling at an altar and the Holy Spirit arrested me. I did not move for a long time and remember the love of God being showered upon me in a way that I had never felt Him before. He has protected me and kept me since that day.

As a teenager, I went to a Christian conference and during my morning devotions I asked God what He would like me to do with my life. I heard, in the Spirit, I Timothy 4:11, so I opened my Bible and read, “Preach and Teach.” These three words resonated in my heart. I knew that I was to be a pastor and teacher. These are the gifts God has given me. I finished high school and went on to the University where I received an English Teaching degree and an emphasis on Biblical studies.

After graduating college, I began teaching high school English and served as Youth Pastor of the church that I was attending.  While taking students to Guatemala and Mexico, I saw blind eyes open and a burn victim receive brand new skin. I also coached American football and soccer and witnessed God heal injured players. One young man was paralyzed after trying to make a tackle and was airlifted to the hospital. I had all the players encircle him and we prayed to God almighty to heal him. God did!

God has personally healed me as well. When I was thirteen I tore the ligaments in my ankle. When I went to the hospital the doctor put a cast on my leg. After a couple of weeks went by, I asked God to heal me. During a Bible study in our home, I was placed in a chair in the middle of the room.  Everyone gathered around and placed their hands on me and prayed. I felt fire go through my ankle and instantly I was healed.

I have felt God’s healing power at other times in my life. In college I played football and had my shoulders dislocated. When I went to church I could not lift my hands above my head. During praise and worship God healed me. When praise and worship ended, my hands were all the way up to the sky. My God has healed me physically of headaches, colds, and other sicknesses. God is my Provider.   He has provided finances to go to China, Guatemala, and now Africa, He moved us to Round Lake, given us a beautiful home, and allowed us to preach and teach His Word.

I walk by faith and not by sight. I have a faithful God. Even when I have not been faithful, He has always been faithful. His word is true. He sets the captive free. I am free only because Jesus has set me free. His blood was paid for my sins. I am no longer entangled by the old man. I use to lie, cheat and steal. Jesus forgave me and has shown me that living honestly is the greatest way to live.