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The Sign of the Dove West offers 8-week membership courses for new members. Please see the following information below about our mission, vision and values. For a full catalog with this information, as well as an outline of our class schedule, please click below:

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What we Believe-

The Sign of the Dove Church offers membership courses for those interested in joining our congregation. The membership courses are 8 weeks long and give an in-depth review of the tenants of our faith.

Our Mission-

To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved. To assimilate them into a church community where they can grow spiritually and become equipped to win the lost for Christ.

Our Vision-

The Sign of the Dove is a Non-denominational, Full Gospel Christian fellowship. The Lord raised us up in response to the needs of lost men, women and children in this area. We are also here to help meet the needs of those seeking a true relationship with the One True God.
God, through His Holy Spirit, is working to develop us into a ministry, which will spread the Gospel at every opportunity. We seek to accomplish this, His goal, through teaching, preaching, writing, music, street witnessing, song and drama as God sends (and /or raises up) those anointed in these areas to this local body.

Part of the vision of this church is that God would use us to send forth Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers into the field of full-time ministry. These are the ones who God calls, anoints and equips for the work of training and edifying the entire Body of Christ. Our hope and desire is to someday see ministries, which will reach the whole world raised up and sent forth from our midst.

Dove Ministries International is a major part of our vision. We are to make disciples. We will send out short term missionaries for the work of the ministry. We will support long term missionaries. We must be willing to serve in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth.

The Lord has shown us the need for Evangelism in Lake County. We would like to set up a sports camp that would take place each summer. Children would receive professional instruction in sports and through this instruction receive invaluable experience for life. The gospel will be preached and our lifestyles will reflect Christ.

The Sign of the Dove plans to start a Christian School devoted to educating our young men and women. Our children must be molded into believers who will not compromise and live out their faith daily in this culture. We must train them.

The Sign of the Dove plans to diligently seek the approval of the public school officials regarding the establishment of Christian clubs in the schools. These clubs are not to be a part of the school system. We will only seek the use of the facilities before and after school hours. We are also considering plans to begin a College Campus Ministry. Our vision is to design this portion of our ministry in such a way that it will help answer the questions of the inquiring young minds of Lake County, Illinois.

Our children and young people's church is designed to teach children on how to be a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ, to give themselves to prayer, and the importance of memorizing Scripture. They are also taught to bring a Gospel message before a group of people. It is our belief, that if taught, a child can and will learn to follow Jesus, even at a young age. "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6. The ministry called The Sign of the Dove Church is dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus Christ and to caring for His people. We firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is still guiding, teaching, delivering, convicting of sin and bearing witness that Jesus, the Christ, is indeed the Son of the Living God.

Therefore, we trust that this vision for this ministry is keeping in accordance with His vital work in the earth.

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